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    首屆九地認壇于2015年蘇州啟動,已成功舉辦第二屆深圳論壇,第三屆重慶論壇,第四屆南澳論壇,通過匯集國內外專家學者的智慧,積極探索山水觀在城鄉建設中的實踐應用,以項目導向進行山水實踐探索,關注并積極引導行業發展方向,堅持每年一屆九地山水論壇,旨在打造“學術交流平臺”。 With the core theme of "cultural heritage and ecological China -- Jiuzhou land landscape view",

    jdsl forum focuses on the inheritance, promotion, innovation and development of "landscape culture, landscape life, landscape city, landscape garden and landscape architecture".

    The first nine places recognition forum was launched in Suzhou in 2015. The second Shenzhen forum, the third Chongqing forum and the fourth Nanao forum have been successfully held. Through gathering the wisdom of experts and scholars at home and abroad, we actively explore the practical application of landscape concept in urban and rural construction, carry out landscape practice exploration with project orientation, pay attention to and actively guide the development direction of the industry, and adhere to the nine places landscape theory every year It aims to build a "platform for academic exchange".